A perfect location to be savoured for the quantity and beauty of hiking paths in the zone.

    Not only is the Canfranc Resort a must-see visit, there are many other beautiful paths with different levels of difficulty.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you to choose a route.


    In the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, you can find the spectacular protected landscape of San Juan de la Peña, Oroel Hill, and The Old monastery of San Juan de la Peña stands out above the others, a jewel of the medieval time.

    The remaining buildings, which are only a part those that existed, are excellent proof of the successive artistic forms from the different time in which this unique centre was alive.


    The council of Canfrac has recovered and posted signs on around of 100 Km. of hiking-trails in the surrounding area of the Arañones Hill. This action has served to recover part of the heritage associated to these paths, like fountains or old engineering works against avalanches.

    The council idea is to put at the disposal of the hiking enthusiasts those paths which were available in the town to erect the dykes against avalanches and the grooving of the cliffs which the International Canfranc Resort required.


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